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e-PTFE Sheet,Expanded PTFE Sheet


Soft Fibration PTFE Sealing Sheet (PTFE Expanded Sheet), ismade from PTFE dispersion Resin Through special process. It has high tensile strength, low creep, wide temperature resistant, corrosive resistant, no additive, avirulence, ageing resistant and high performance of ani-leakage.

Soft Fibration PTFE Sealing Sheet (PTFE Expanded Sheet) is used as sealing material for variouskinds of flanges nd vessel mouths, Soft Fibration PTFE Sealing Sheet (PTFE Expanded Sheet) can be used in corrosive an high and low temperature condition in different industries, like chemical industry, food industry, pharmacy industry, semiconductor industry, ship industry, paper industry and medical equipments.

Main Properties:

Properties Unit Result
Compression Ratio % ≤ 60
Elastic Resilience Ratio % ≥ 6
Sealability ASTMF-37B cm3/s ≤ 1.0 x 10-3
Compression Deformation Ratio % ≤ 40


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