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  PVDF ROD:  Diameter (mm) Length  (mm)  7 200   8 200   12 200   15 400   20 400   21 70   23 70   25 200&nb
  PCTFE ROD:  Diameter (mm) Length  (mm)  7 200   8 200   12 200   15 400   20 400   21 70   23 70   25 200&n
Marine Service Teflon Sheet
We supply marine service teflon sheet. - Many years experience;- Good quality;- Competitive price;- Prompt delivery;
Marine Service Round Teflon
We supply marine service round teflon. - Many years experience;- Good quality;- Competitive price;- Prompt delivery;
PTFE Teflon Skived Sheet Tape & Film
  PTFE resin is first moulded into work-blank and then skived.The PTFE resin skived sheet & tape are highly dielectric.chemical resistant and not aging .They have a wide range of operation temperature.   PTFE plates &a
PTFE Teflon Molded Plate
  PTFE molded plate is manufactured by molding method with PTFE granular resin. PTFE possesses the best chemical resistance of all known plastics.It does not age.It has the lowest coefficient of friction of all known solid materi
e-PTFE Sheet,Expanded PTFE Sheet
  Features:Soft Fibration PTFE Sealing Sheet (PTFE Expanded Sheet), ismade from PTFE dispersion Resin Through special process. It has high tensile strength, low creep, wide temperature resistant, corrosive resistant, no additive, avir
Pure PTFE Teflon Rods
  There are three kinds of PTFE rods to offer.One is manufactured by paste extruding method in the diameter from 2 to 4mm and the other is made by ram extruding method in the diameter from 5 to 120mm;rods over the diameter 55 to 300mm
Colorized PTFE Rods
  We manufacture different colour of PTFE rods, welcome your inquiry of our prducts. Diameter & length can be manufactured according to your requested size. Colour Choice: Red, Green, Blue, Black, Yellow, Pink, etc.
PTFE Teflon Square Strips for Dry Type Transformer
  the ideal solution for Dry Type Transformer & Reactor     YOUR CHOICE:   QINGDAO MAINFLON NEW MATERIALS CO.,LTD imported the European most advanced technology and successfully produced P.T.F.E(Teflon) Air Pas
Graphite/Carbon Filled PTFE Rods
  We manufacture graphite/carbon filled ptfe rods (graphite/carbon and ptfe compound material) in different specifications.
Series Fillers Moulded PTFE Products
  Property Test Method Unit Virgin PTFE 15% Glass Fiber 25% Glass Fiber 15% Graphite 25% Soft Carbon 25% Carbo- graphite 60% Bronze 2% Carbon Moulded Specific Gravity ASTM D792
Glassfiber Filled PTFE Rods
  We manufacture Glassfiber Filled PTFE Rods (Glassfiber and PTFE compound) in different diameter and length.
Thin Wall PTFE Spaghetti Tubes
  We manufacture and supply high quality thin wall PTFE spaghetti tubes, below dimensions are available. For other dimensions tube, please contact us for more information. SPEC. INSIDE DIAMETER OUT DIAMETER Raw MA
PTFE Teflon Gaskets
  We manufacture high quality PTFE Teflon Gaskets, specifications as below; We can also manufacture the special big gaskets according to customer's request. ID Standard Spec. 1.6Mpa Spec. 2.0 Spec. 15 15*50
Custom made pure PTFE Shaped Parts
  We can produce the pure PTFE shaped parts, according to user's drawing. Please contact us for more information.
Custom made PTFE & Fillers Shaped Parts
  We can produce different PTFE & Fillers(carbon/graphite/bronze/glassfiber,etc.) Shaped Parts. Please contact us for more information.
PTFE Teflon Gasket Tape / Expanded PTFE Tape
  Types and specifications: 5mm x 3mm~5mm 10mm x 3mm~5mm 20mm x 3mm~6mm 30mm x 3mm~6mm 40mm x 3mm 50mm x 3mm Main Properties: Property Unit Result Elongation Strength ≥ MPa 7 Elongation at Ruptu
PTFE Coated Glass Fabric Product Series
  We use best imported Fiberglass as the weaving material to plain knit or specially knit into superior fiberglass basic cloth, coat it with fine PTFE resin then make it into various of Teflon high temperature resistance cloth in di
Pure PTFE Teflon Adhesive Film Tape
  Main properties:1). It can be used under the temperature of -196℃ to +300℃, which has the capability of weather resistant and age resistant. Under practical situation of high temperature of +250℃ for 200 days, not only the intensity
Silicone Coated Fiberglass Cloth
  The products are made of fine fiberglass with excellent capacity of high temperature and corrosion resistance, coated and rolled with silicone rubber, which is a brand new product with good performance and multiple applications. F
PTFE Screwed Pipe
  We produce various PTFE Screwed Pipe, for more info, please contact us.
PTFE Scrap Reprocessing Machine
          Dry Grinding Machine                 Washing Machine          &nbs
PTFE Rod Extruder
Horizontal PTFE Rod Extruder         Vertical PTFE Rod Extruder   Supply both vertical and horizontal ptfe rod extruders.
PTFE Gaskets Auto-Moulding Machine
We supply PTFE Gaskets Auto-Moulding Machine.

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