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Pure PTFE Teflon Rods
  There are three kinds of PTFE rods to offer.One is manufactured by paste extruding method in the diameter from 2 to 4mm and the other is made by ram extruding method in the diameter from 5 to 120mm;rods over the diameter 55 to 300mm
Colorized PTFE Rods
  We manufacture different colour of PTFE rods, welcome your inquiry of our prducts. Diameter & length can be manufactured according to your requested size. Colour Choice: Red, Green, Blue, Black, Yellow, Pink, etc.
PTFE Teflon Square Strips for Dry Type Transformer
  the ideal solution for Dry Type Transformer & Reactor     YOUR CHOICE:   QINGDAO MAINFLON NEW MATERIALS CO.,LTD imported the European most advanced technology and successfully produced P.T.F.E(Teflon) Air Pas
Graphite/Carbon Filled PTFE Rods
  We manufacture graphite/carbon filled ptfe rods (graphite/carbon and ptfe compound material) in different specifications.
Glassfiber Filled PTFE Rods
  We manufacture Glassfiber Filled PTFE Rods (Glassfiber and PTFE compound) in different diameter and length.

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